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Monday, April 12, 2010

Seven Days Until Staging

Here is a short version on how I got into the Peace Corps. I was nominated a year ago for Africa. A few months ago I was told I was going to Central America. And then a few days later I found out it was Panama. My job title is Tourism and English Advising. It was a long process that lasted for a year.
I will be in Washington D.C. on the 19th of April. I am coming a day earlier because there was no flights to D.C. on the 20th in Colorado. Since I am coming a day earlier I will get a chance to explore Washington D.C. It will be cool to visit a part of the U.S. I have never been too. I have been practicing my Spanish because it is muy pobre.

As Michael Kay (Yankees Broadcaster) would say, See Ya!!!!!!

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